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G ) Vehicle Inspection Procedure

Vehicles will be inspected by a technical committee

Prior to the competition, all participating vehicles will be inspected by a technical committee .

Significant adjustments with regards to the original state of the automobile - as well as technical defects being detected during the inspection - may lead to exclusion from the competition.

The decision of the technical committee is final and cannot be challenged.

The participants are obliged to drive the vehicle they have stated on the entry form.

A change of vehicle for any reason is subject to prior approval by the rally organiser.

The organiser reserves the right to rank the substitute vehicle at the back end of the starting line-up.

Throughout the competition, rally plates must be placed clearly visible on the front and on the back of the participating vehicle.

The rallye plate may not cover or partially cover the licence plate. Starting numbers have to be fixed and positioned laterally.

Only vehicles which pass the technical inspection successfully are qualified to participate in the competition.

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