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A ) Entry and Conditions of Participation

Entry, regulations and rules regarding the 66. Internationale Deutsche Schnauferl-Rallye 2023

1. Conditions of Participation

- Drivers must hold a valid driving licence which is effective for German road traffic regulations too.

- Three-/ and four-wheeled automobiles (all makes) which were manufactured until 1980 or previously are approved for participation.

- HGVs (lorries/trucks) and commercial vehicles weighing more than 3,5 t are excluded from the competition.

- All participating vehicles have to meet technical regulations regarding genuine-, restoring- and safety issues.

- The number of participants for this rally is limited to 100 drivers.

- Besides an early registration we would ask you to send us a copy of the confirmation of payment for the entry fee. We recommend that you send this confirmation attached to the online registration form.

- Please note that we can only accept completely and prepaid registrations.

- The selection of vehicles which will finally take part in the rally depends on automobile historical aspects as well as on the entry date of receipt. Our aim is to present a wide range of makes and various types of automobiles.

- By submitting the entry form each driver confirms that he/she holds a driving licence which is effective for German road traffic regulations.

- The driver confirms that he holds a valid permission and insurance which are both effective for German road traffic and participating in this kind of event. (i.e.: a valid permission as well as an insurance which allows driving the participating automobile in Germany , specially during the rally).

- The driver holds an auto liability / automobile third party insurance which provides insurance cover amounting to two million euros.

- The participant is aware of the fact that automobiles which hold a red "07" licence plate" (i.e. special oldtimer licence plate) are only allowed to take part in the competition as long as a special rally-related automobile third party insurance can be provided.

- Vehicles which hold a "06" (i.e., commercial) licence plate are excluded from the rally.

- The participant is aware of the fact that only the driver and the vehicle owner respectively are responsible with regards to safety and roadworthiness.

- The participant disclaims any exclusive rights to pictures, photographs, data and other information which will be collected and processed for the purpose of this event.

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