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D) Classification

Automobile classification according to FIVA standards.

FIVA Car Classification

Type A "ANCESTOR" upto and including 1904

Type B "VETERAN" from 1905 to 1918

Type C "VINTAGE" from 1919 to 1930

Type D "POST VINTAGE" from 1931 to 1945

Type E "POST WAR" from 1946 to 1960

Type F from 1961 to 1970

Type G from 1971 to 1980

Type H from 1981 to 1990

The organiser reserves the right to reconsider the final classification according to the entry results. Vehicles which provide a FIVA-ID-card will be evaluated and graded within the scope of the FIVA-ranking as well as on an aggregate score.

The stage distance for "type C" to "type H" vehicles is 170 km.

A reduced distance of only 150 km will be offered for "type A" and "type B" automobiles.

In deviation to the above-mentioned standards - and his/her own classification - the participant may prefer one of the routes. In this case a special inquiry has to be sent to the orga-team ( when signing-up for the rally.

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