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C ) Entry Fee

Entry Fee & Banking Details

The amount of the entry fee is composed as follows:

a) 1 "type A"- vehicle including 2 participants: 740,- euros
b) 1 "type B" - vehicle including 2 participants: 790,- euros
c) 1 "type C" - vehicle including 2 participant: 840,- euros ( same price for type D, E, F, G and H)
d) For any additional passengers aged betweend 16 and 18 (besides driver and co-driver) : 150,- euros
e) For any additional passengers aged above 18 : 250,- euros
f) For "Junior Teams" (driver and co-driver aged between 18 and 25): 350,- euros


Please transfer the amount to the following account:

ASC Landesgruppe Bodensee

IBAN: DE16 6925 1445 0005 6400 65


Purpose of payment: "Schnauferl-Rallye-2023"

​We would kindly ask you to attach the receipt of payment to your entry form.

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